Saunders Lumbar Hometrac Deluxe Model 199603 Review

Saunders Lumbar Hometrac Deluxe Model 199603 Review

This Saunders cervical traction device model is one of the most advanced personal devices on the market. You can pay thousands of dollars on treatments at a specialist or for a one time cost, you can use this effective cervical traction device right out of the box. In terms of quality and effectiveness, this model rivals the ones you see in medical offices.

The Saunders Lumbar HomeTrac Deluxe Model 199603 is quite heavier than the HomeTrac Deluxe Model 199594. It weighs nearly 30 pounds as opposed to 12. Nevertheless, it also comes in a carrying case with detachable wheels for increased portability. The Lumbar HomeTrac Deluxe will be reviewed based on  five categories: results, durability, ease of use, comfort and price. Each category will be given a score out of 5. And an average will be taken to determine the final rating.

Results – 5/5

When it comes to results, this is Saunders’ most effective traction device. It can apply up to 200 pounds of traction which is controlled by Saunders’ unique patented pump which can increase or decrease pressure easily. This device was designed for immediate results. You will experience pain relief after just one treatment. It applies pressure in the lumbar area. You should get medical advice (and a prescription) before using it. A rule of thumb is to start with 20 pounds of pressure and work your way up. Never go as high as half your body weight.

Durability – 5/5

Saunders has a reputation for manufacturing quality products and no shortcuts were taken in the design of the Lumbar HomeTrac Deluxe 199603. It is extremely well-built, durable and guaranteed to last you a long time. It includes a one-year manufacturer warranty so you are covered if the device is malfunctioning.

Ease of use – 4/5

This traction device can be used straight out of the box, there is no assembly required. It is designed to be used solo with no extra help required. Whether you need to use it in your home, in your office or while traveling on the road, this device was made to be used anywhere. The directions it comes with are not very clear. You should go see your doctor who can guide you on how to use it, how many times to use and how to effectively put pressure to the affected area.

Comfort – 5/5

hometrac lumbar traction device

You must lay down to use this device. Personally, I feel that this is more comfortable than sitting in a chair or standing up (when you need to use the over-the-door neck devices). However, laying straight on your back is slightly irritating when done for extended periods time. Nevertheless, the carrying case along with the head pad provide much needed comfort when laying down. It all comes down to personal preference and most people prefer laying down during treatment.

Price – 3/5

This cervical traction device is the most expensive personal devices one can buy. While there are cheaper personal treatment devices in the $50-$150 price range, I consider this device to fall into the “professional” category as it resembles the devices used by medical professionals. Essentially, you’re paying for a quality, effective device. Given that the expensive price tag is out of some people’s budget, I must deduct a few points in this category.

Overall Rating – 4.4/5

Overall, this Saunders Lumbar Hometrac Deluxe 199603 traction device gets a score of 4.4 out of 5. Not much more can be said, this device is one of the top devices we’ve reviewed on this website. This device provides an effective, professional treatment that can be administered in the comfort of your home. You must weigh the pros and cons of the price. Would you pay more for a better quality product which has a reputation for relieving back pain?

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If you have experience with this neck traction device, please leave a comment! We would love to hear about your experience so we can modify our review if necessary!

Disclaimer: Please consult with your medical professional before using this product. Depending on your circumstances it may not be safe.


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