Pronex Pneumatic Cervical Traction Device Review

Pronex Pneumatic Cervical Traction Device Review

The Pronex Pneumatic cervical traction device is another neck pain relief device that uses the power of air and traction to deliver long lasting pain relief. This device is similar to the Saunders and Comfortrack devices that are currently out on the market. This particular device is ease to use and can be used right out of the box with no assembly required.

The Pronex Pneumatic neck traction device will be reviewed based the five categories we use to rate the devices. We believe these categories are most important for those people in the market for a neck traction device. Those categories are: results, durability, ease of use, comfort and price. Each category will be given a score out of 5 and an average will be taken to determine the final score.

Results – 4/5

Based on our initial testing of the product, I have mixed feeling about the results. This device is intended to support the natural curvature of the cervical spine and provide equal pressure to both the anterior and posterior disks. However, I found that it doesn’t support my neck as well as either the Saunders or Comfortrack devices. It’s quite possible that it’s just the composition of my neck as there are many reviews online that rant about the positive results experienced while using this device. There’s even one patient claims that this product was more effective at relieving the pain from his 2 herniated cervical disks than the machines used at the physical therapy office.  Others have claimed that this was also effective at relieving upper back pain. Since my results were mixed, I have to dock one point from this score.

Durability – 4.5/5

This neck traction device is quite durable indeed. It has no cables, levers or springs, which are parts that tend to break easily from devices. As a result, it will last a long time. The parts are well secured and the pump will not break or deteriorate even after multiple uses. This device will definitely last in excess of ten years.

Ease of use – 4/5

The Pronex Pneumatic neck traction device is very easy to use. It is light, portable and very simple to use. It’s simple enough that you can bring it with you while traveling so you can perform quick treatment sessions and ensure that you are pain free at all times.  can be used from your home with little. The pump allows you to gently release traction.

pronex pneumatic cervical review

Comfort – 5/5

I must give the Pronex Pneumatic device a max of five points in the comfort category because it is one of the most comfortable. Other devices come in only one size. However, one-size-fit-all is not necessarily true. A person who is 6’4 and 250 pounds will not have the same neck size as someone who is 5’2 and 125 pounds. This leads to unequal amounts of pressure and comfort for those using it. What’s great about this device is that it comes in various sizes. There is a Regular model (14”-16), a Large model (16”-18”) and a Wide model (18” and up). You can measure the size of your neck and choose accordingly.

Price – 3.5/5

This traction device is priced in the lower end of what I consider the “premium” or “professional” cervical traction devices. Just because it is priced in the lower end it doesn’t mean that it’s much worst than the others currently on the market. It is however more affordable for some people who cannot spend $500+ on one device.

Overall Rating – 4.2/5

Overall, this Pronex Pneumatic neck traction device gets a total rating of 4.2 out of 5. It is a high quality, easy to use device that comes in various sizes, thus allowing the utmost level of comfort. Read this review carefully and read the reviews of the other devices on this website to decide which device is best for you!

Disclaimer: Please consult with your medical professional before using this product. Depending on your circumstances it may not be safe.

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