Relieving Neck Pain with a Neck Traction Device

Arguably, the greatest cause of neck pain is improper body posture. Our bodies, especially pain in our body, are highly dependent on our posture throughout the day and how we hold ourselves up. Our spine is meant to be straight and kept in a vertical line. Therefore, when we deviate from this, i.e. sitting with a poor form with your back arched, you can cause a lot of pain in both your neck and back. Furthermore, many years of bad posture can lead to more pervasive pain problems.

How Can Neck Traction Help?

Traction is a type of treatment that has been praised by doctors all over the world. It helps aligns your spinal cord, your neck and also helps with shoulder pain, which can be also occur along with neck pain. Physicians usually prescribe neck traction therapy for patients that suffer from mild to persistent neck pain. The newest cervical traction devices are great improvements over the older models. As a result, they are much more effective nowadays and should be used as a treatment for back, neck and shoulder pain. The great benefit of neck traction is that it can be performed at home with home devices therefore you do not need to rely on going to the doctor’s office or the hospital.

There are many different neck traction methods and different ones may be used depending on the level of pain as well as the type of pain. There are different kinds of neck pain and the root of the problem is the first issue that needs to be fixed. If you have problems with neck curvature (there should be 40 to 60 degree of curvature in your neck), you will want to use a cervical traction method that fixes neck curvature. If you have mild neck tightness, you would benefit from a neck stretching traction device.

Other Features

Inversion tables have been a very popular treatment for neck and back pain. Take a look at an inversion table. It isn’t exactly the easiest device to own and store. Cervical traction devices are gaining popularity due to their portability and user-friendliness. They are extremely portable and you can even bring them with you when you travel. As a result, they are becoming the first choice device for people suffering from neck pain.

Some neck traction devices use air pressure and a pump to relieve the tension in your neck. Others are attached to a door, these are known as ‘over door’ models. The more expensive ones have pneumatic pumps and include foam cushions. You need to thoroughly research which cervical traction device is best for you. Take a look at the reviews on our website as are thoroughly reviewing each model!

Nevertheless before purchasing a neck traction device, make sure you consult with your doctor. Your doctor may put you on a neck treatment program that does not involve a neck traction device or may recommend a particular kind of traction device for your needs. You need to make sure you always follow your doctor’s advice.


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